Shard of Glass

I collected these shards of leftover glass for 6 months so that I could use them in a photo. I kept them in a glass on my shelf and the colors look so beautiful together that I can’t get myself to throw them away,

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am getting back into the studio after a long weekend in LA visiting me 4yo niece and nephew. I brought a package of mini balloons and we spent the whole weekend playing with them (sticking them to the wall, putting things inside of them, and even had fun popping them 😁). They are at such a fun age and are just so lovable! As much as I love seeing them, I always look forward to getting back into my studio and diving into work!  Hope you all enjoy your day! 😊

Breakfast Time

Currently having breakfast in bed 🤗 It’s one of my favorite things, but I don’t do it often. I’m usually eating my breakfast in the studio as I start work for the day 🤣 How do you like to start your mornings?



One of the things I love about being a mosaic artist: “Anything can happen, that’s the beauty of creating” - Ernie Harwell ✨ 📸 Ellysia Francovitch Photography